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UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Every Iceberg makes a sound.

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My favorites are:

Great and Relaxing

Hip and Fun

Classic and Elegant



You can be everything you want. Just don’t stop believing in it.

Beauty is everywhere

Watch the video, see the beauty and get inspired. ❤

My Youth

“Speeding through red lights into paradise
Cause we’ve no time for getting old”

Amazing artist with so much potential. I just love his music.
This song is one of my favorites, because it gives me the feeling of flying as soon as I close my eyes.

Right now, I’m going to figure stuff out.
I still don’t know, how I’ll do it all and how I wanna display everything. So be patient with me. I just know that I have a vision, but it didn’t quite manifest itself yet. So now I’m going to get a little bit crazy and experience with all the stuff here.
Be patient and stay tuned.



What if the clouds are fragments of mistakes,
fabricated by the factories of our foolishness?
– The Devil Wears Prada

Clouds or Snow?

Clouds or Snow?

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
– Walter E. Disney

Reach For More

Reach For More

Your mind is the mountain before you. You’ve reached the summit, now transcend the skies.
– August Burns Red

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